Athletic Scheduler
 "This program is the future!! All schools and athletic conferences should be using this scheduler. "
                                                                    John Thiel, Athletic Director, Minneapolis, MN

"rSchoolToday has been the best program I have used as an AD in 10 years and 4 different programs.  Thank you for all your help and all you have done.  Great program and great support."
                                                                     Joe Hansen, AD, Savannah, IL
The cloud-based Activity Scheduler now includes FREE Team Sites and is the top-selling software for automating all of your scheduling and administrative functions.  It also provides a very powerful Web calendar for the whole school or district, and can share schedules intelligently across your whole Conference or League.  AND it shares data in real time with rSchoolToday's Facilities Scheduling, Trip Requests, Ref View, and other programs to deliver the most powerful scheduling/calendaring solution on the market.

NO MORE multiple-entry of activities across different programs within your schools or district!!

Features Include:

Athletics Office Management
  • Cloud-based - Anytime, Anywhere - computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Create schedules for any activity- work several years in advance
  • Auto- creation of lower level schedules
  • Practice schedules
  • Paperless game contracts
  • Transportation schedules - Instantly view or print bus times and schedules
  • Rosters - share across all schools
  • Game workers – 1 click schedules them for the whole season
  • Automated pay vouchers for officials, event fees, game workers
  • Automatic game programs featuring the latest roster info from both schools
  • Message Center - push messages to parents, fans, teams, coaches
  • Tracks change history of every event
  • Scouting – View real time schedules for ALL other schools
  • Automatic reminders and change notifications 

Free Mobile App for the Public
  • Public View of Calendar, Schedules, Rosters, Scores
  • Parents can build a Personalized Calendar
  • Sign Up for Notifications

Free Mobile App for Coaches and AD's
  • Enter Scores
  • Get Emergency Contact Info
  • Get Emergency Medical Info
  • View Rosters & Schedules
  • Build Rosters
  • Message your Teams

Team Sites
  • Integrated Free Team sites INCLUDED!
  • Automatic Schedules, Scores, Rosters updated in real time
  • Scores Ticker automatically Updated
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • YouTube Integration
  • Separate pages for any non-athletics activities too!
  • Integrated to Activity Registration
  • Snaps into your school Web site in minutes

Student Eligibility & Information
  • Batch import Students from any Student Management System
  • Total Student Info and Eligibility tracking
  • Activity history
  • Award history
  • Eligibility history
  • Ineligibility Infractions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Trainers Notes
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Awards - create, batch assign, and print
  • Auto-Assign to Rosters
  • 30 different reports, by season, by gender, by activity, by grade, by level
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel or a Data file
  • Tracking & Reporting by Student for their whole Career

  • Coaches Directory public view (option)
  • Coaches database
  • Coaches eligibility tracking (choose what you want to track and how often)
  • Instant email or text messaging to coaches
  • Coaches can input Scores
  • Coaches can build/view/print/export rosters
  • Emergency Contact Reports for their teams
  • Automatic Game Programs include the other school's latest roster

  • Google Maps to all locations
  • Bus Times, leave time, return time
  • Automatic reports to the Bus Company
  • Set up multiple bus companies
  • Automatic email reminders to bus companies with changes

  • Paperless Officials Contracts
  • Integrated to Conference/League Commissioner's View
  • Integrated to Free Officials Assigning with
  • Automated Pay vouchers for officials
  • Export spreadsheets of all officials payments, by season, by date range, by sport
  • Schedules automatically write to
  • Assignments from write back to Athletic Scheduler
  • Officials can view their schedules, sign contracts electronically, set availability

The Perfect All School Calendar
  • Web calendar for ALL Activities, not just athletics–concerts, plays, meetings, academics, clubs, etc.
  • Create Separate Calendars for Athletics, Fine Arts, Clubs, Community Ed, District, etc.
  • Create Separate calendars for each school within the district

Instant Notifications
  • Text and email notifications & event reminders
  • Automatic Reminders - emails sent to opposing schools, game workers, officials, media, parents, students, etc.
  • Automatic Change Notifications - email or text messages sent to parents, students, officials, workers, media, staff, etc.
  • Blast text or email messages to Coaches by sport, by season, by title.
  • Blast text or email messages to anyone in your address book.

Conference & League
  • Free League Scheduling - auto-generate schedules using formulas
  • Create Custom Schedule Formulas
  • Free League Calendar
  • Free League  Web Site
  • See the whole League Schedule for any sport 
  • Games can share between all Conference schools
  • Intelligent Sharing – Sign an electronic game contract from a non-conference school and choose if you want it to write to your schedule (your choice).
  • Scores aggregate from the schools and show Automatic Leagues Standings
  • Standings can be divided into divisions and can vary by sport
  • Scores and standings write up to a state page for Automatic State Standings
  • Online meeting schedules, Agendas and Minutes for AD’s only
  • Online Policy Library - never wonder what the latest policy is on anything.  Printable and downloadable. 
  • Scouting – View real time schedules for ALL other schools
  • Commissioner can post stats, files, newsletters, awards, policies, directories, photos, etc.

Permissions & Security
  • Secure publishing - you set up who has permission to edit and publish
  • Set up any # of administrators - no limit - no extra cost!
  • Set up coaches or team managers to only edit rosters, scores, etc.
  • SSL Secure Publishing of all Personal data
  • Electronic Signature for AD for signing game and officials contracts and pay vouchers

Integration  – no more redundant data entry!
  • The ULTIMATE District-wide Calendaring and Scheduling Solution - you really have to check this out!
  • Integrate School District, City Park/Rec,  and local Youth Sports organizations,all from the same company!
  • No more need for multiple calendars within your school and Web site
  • Integrates with rSchoolToday Activity Registration – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with rSchoolToday Trip Requests  – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with rSchoolStats in real time – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with rSchoolToday League Scheduler (FREE)  – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with rSchoolToday League Web site (FREE) – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with Digital Signage in Real Time  – no more dual entry!!
  • Integrates with many other programs to share schedule and calendar data
  • Direct calendar sync with Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

  • Ads or no Ads on your public calendar– your choice!  No difference in cost. 
  • Ads provide $$ back to your school
  • Try our new 'Local Ads program' - featuring YOUR local businesses - earn thousands each year!!
  • You make great money - we do all the work!
  • Snaps in to your existing Website in 5 minutes
  • Calendar 'Widgets' for your school Web site
  • 100% Web-based
  • Mac or Windows
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Cloud-based - no tech staff needed to run
  • Nightly data back-ups
  • 99.95% up-time over 17 years

Support & Training
  • Free unlimited customer support
  • Over 45 support staff available for lightning fast help
  • Support available via email, phone, 800 number, chat, or ticket system
  • Real-time screen sharing for support issues
  • Online Manuals with printable pages
  • Video tutorials 
  • On-site training
  • Personalized Web conference training
  • Train your whole Conference or League at once - same price

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