School & District Web Sites         

rSchoolToday Web Site Portals are template-based School Web site portals that allow teachers, staff, parents, and trusted students to completely create and maintain a very professional-looking, database-driven Web site. Each portal can contain hundreds of complete Web sites and each can contain as many pages and applications as desired. There are no technical skills needed – staff can publish their own information quickly with professional results. 

Save several times the cost of rSchoolToday each year in reduced paper, printing, postage, & fax costs by sharing needed information with your public online.

Features include:
  • Designed specifically for K-12 Schools 
  • 100% web-based
  • Unlimited Size – 10 pages or 10,000 pages - no difference in cost
  • Create any number of Web sites within the portal 
  • Teacher Web sites 
  • Team and Club Web sites 
  • Personalized Calendars for each student or parent
  • Assignments and Class notes online 
  • “My View” – Parents can subscribe to their kids academics and co-curricular activities and see the week’s activities in one view. 
  • Dynamic Site Map – automatically grows as you add to your site 
  • Daily News & Announcements 
  • Lunch Menus – printable 
  • School Calendar – including printable & email-able schedules for all activities 
  • Staff Directory – includes printable building directories 
  • Lesson Plans –Automated submission and view for administrators 
  • Homework Drop Box 
  • Document Libraries - searchable 
  • Policy Libraries - searchable 
  • Photo Galleries 
  • Discussion Forums (bulletin boards) 
  • E-forms – submitted to an online database for collection and data export and automatically toggles email notices 
  • E-Surveys – Tabulate and view results instantly 
  • RSS capabilities 
  • Pod-casting 
  • Spell-Checking 
  • Online Worksheets, Quizzes and Exams – each teacher can create their own 
  • Online Flash Card Sets – Create your own 
  • Course Syllabus and Online Class Notes for each class 
  • Google Site Search 
  • Policy Libraries (searchable & printable) 
  • FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) 
  • Emergency Notices 
  • Job Postings 
  • Simple Editing or Advanced Editing tools 
  • Create Class lists for sharing Teacher Web content with other teachers 
  • Email Groups – batch email any groups you set up 
  • Password-protect any pages and assign who can view the pages 
  • Role-based Security for assigning viewing and editing permissions
  • Displays information written from the District Portal –Food Menus, Calendar Events, News, Announcements, Emergency Notices, and Directory Information. 

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