rSchoolToday Trip Requests

"We are very happy with rSchoolToday Trip Requests.  Once we learned the new process, it makes sense and works well.  You can code this one as "another satisfied customer ”
Bob Morgan
Lincoln Public Schools Transportation Dept., Lincoln, NE

The rSchoolToday Trip Requests Program provides a Web-based database-driven system for posting, receiving and processing transportation requests for all activities within your school or district outside of the "to & from school" scheduling.

Trip Requests also works in real-time to provide effortless online requests, automatic paperless routing, online approvals, online dispatch and assignments of vehicles and drivers, tracking of mileage and hours, and complete reporting.


No MORE multiple-entry of data between activities and transportation! Get rid of that old paper request system!

    Created to serve you if you have your own buses or if you contract to outside bus companies or BOTH
    Online Transportation Request form
    Real-Time access for any staff or coaches to the request form – can be set to be secure
    Day trips or multi-day trips
    Assign account/budget codes by activity, by client, by trip
    Set up multiple pick-ups and drop-offs
    Share busing across multiple activities, each tracked to its own budget code
    Track and report on special needs trips
    Manual or Electronic Dispatch
    Assign Drivers, Buses, Routes, electronically
    Batch Create Driver’s Trip sheets
    Track Mileage, Time, pay rates, and auto-calculate hours, mileage, payments
   Set Up Multiple Transportation Companies
    Bus Companies can have their own login to assign drivers and busses to the trips you give them
    Paperless approval routing of transportation request forms to any staff
    Approval routings can have any number of steps
    Set up building-dependent approval routings, i.e. high school gets routed to Amy, junior high to Mary, etc.
    Set up all staff, coaches, etc. to get automatic email notices when requests are approved
    Complete online & printable reports – Mileage, # of Trips, Money spent by Account Code, by Dept., by  Activity
    Set Up Budget/Account Codes to match your business office needs
    Auto-Email Notifications for changes.

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