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rSchoolToday's Secure Data Center

DWC, the company behind the popular rSchoolToday programs, features 99.967% up time over the last 10 years and takes care of all technical aspects of hosting, data back up and maintenance of your rSchoolToday programs and all of your data.

All Data is stored securely using a GoDaddy 256 bits Secure Certificate. DWC is also PCI Compliant, protecting all credit card and client information with the latest in VISA/Mastercard security Standards.

rSchoolToday servers are located at a Tier 1 Telco-grade Data Center using advanced cloud technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.
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Hosting Hardware and Software

DWC uses multiple-processor professional-grade servers with RAID5 or RAID 10 hard drives and running the Linux operating system, Apache Web servers, a Cisco Pix firewall and an Intrusion Detection System. rSchoolToday applications all run on Web clusters with load balancing and fail-over redundancy to ensure maximum up-time and speed.
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Data Back-up

DWC uses a dual back-up system featuring tape and direct-to hard-disk back-up. We perform nightly incremental back-ups and weekly full back-ups and have redundant back-ups stored at a second location to ensure that your data remains intact and is recoverable quickly.

Fiber Connections

DWC Servers are directly connected to a self-healing network of redundant fiber optic bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 fiber providers. This connection is instantly burstable and sustainable up to 100Mpbs.

For more detailed information about our hosting environment and data center spedcifications, please contact us.
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