"Facilities Scheduler is awesome. You guys are the greatest."
Joe Breinig Jr., AD
John Champes High School Loudoun County Public Schools, VA

"I am always taken care of promptly whenever I issue a support ticket.  Your staff is always courteous and willing to fix the problem." Thanks!
Betsy Ganz
Community Education Program SpecialistHudson School District, WI

"rSchootToday has been the best program I have used as an AD in 10 years and 4 different programs.  Thank you for all your help and all you have done.  I sen an email out and get an answer within the day and the problem is fixed in two days.  Great program and great support."
Joseph HansenHS Asst. Principal / MS & HS Athletic Director
West Carroll High School, IL

"Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with rschool!  All last year we used the other nationally known program, and I am so glad we switched. Your site is so easy to use, so very efficient, and quick to look up and reference info when I need it!  Thanks so very much!
Terri Roberts,Secretary,Athletic Dept.
Long Branch High School, NJ

"I truly believe rSchoolToday to be an excellent program, especially for parents who want to know what is going on with their children. I really like the new look. I also appreciate the fact that, when I requested the program without advertising, they did so no questions asked."
Tom Gattoni,Athletic Director
Pasckack Valley High School, NJ

“I love rSchoolToday. With no special skills, I set up our referendum site myself including a fact brochure and tax calculator pages in less than 30 minutes. The ability to publish information is tremendous. Very user-friendly.”
Matthew M. Helgerson,Co-Superintendent/7-12 Principal,
Le Center Schools, MN

“We love the rSchool software and especially love the customer service.  I`m telling all the other secretaries to look into it!”
Karen Coolidge Principal School Athletics, IL

"The rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler is a fantastic product. The ease of setting up and using this product allows us to manage our day to day facility use in our huge district. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone."
Marv Johnson Jr.Facilities Scheduler, Rec/Athletic Supervisor
Anoka-Hennepin, School District, MN

"Your Customer Support is amazing. I worked for IBM for 20 years and they pride themselves on good customer support but your team goes beyond that!"
Bill Theisen,IT Director,
Plainview-Elgin-Millville School District, Plainview, MN

“Going with rSchoolToday was the best decision we’ve made. It is great!”
Cindy Ziegler,Technology Coordinator
Cochrane-Fountain City Schools, Fountain City, WI

“My time is valuable.  rSchoolToday saves me the cost of the program each year easily just in postage, but the time-savings is enormous!  I am hoping our whole state adopts this program because it just makes it so much better for all of us.”
Mark Gunderson,Athletic Director,
MOC-Floyd Valley, IA

“On Parents night, they gave me a standing ovation when I showed our new Activity Scheduler and all the things parents could get themselves."
Ray Kosey,Athletic Director, Superior, WI.

"Our Science Department put course syllabi, class notes, homework, and quizzes and tests online using rSchoolToday and saved $3000 in one trimester on paper and printing alone.”
Rita Anderson,Teacher/Web Administrator
Eagan High School, Eagan, MN

“This program is the BOMB! It has saved us so much time and money. rSchoolToday is unbelievable.”
Patti Weldon,Athletic Director,
Armstrong HS, Robbinsdale, MN

”I like and believe in your product, but I believe the personal attention you give your customers and the quality of customer service you provide, is the your most positive attribute.”
Mark Duffy,Teacher and Webmaster
Totino Grace High School, Fridley, MN

“My secretary used to take 6 weeks every summer putting the year’s schedules in. Now, with the Activity Scheduler, she doesn’t have to even think about it – it’s already done!!”
Mike Manning,Athletic Director,
Rosemount High School, Rosemount, MN

“We are amazed & awed by the rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler and Class Registration Programs and the continuing progress they have made. Keep up the great work!!"
Robyn Kieffer,Facility Scheduler
Winona Area Public Schools, Winona, MN

“We have always had a summer registration day and we open our office early (7 am) and remain open until 5 pm. When we would get here there was always a long line from our doorway out to the front door. Last year people were yelling at us because we took so long to register. This year, we advertised "Don't stand in line, register online." Well, we got to work this morning at 7 am and there was NO ONE at our door or in a line of any sort and we had over 260 registrations during the night. We took in over $10,500 while we slept!! We are still in a state of shock! If you were here you would be getting hugs from three grateful women who now have time to do other Community Education business!!! This went just great! Thank you and you have a great day! We are!”
Marcia Provenchur,Community Ed. Director
Litchfield Public Schools, Litchfield, MN

"The rSchoolToday calendar is so slick! I was able to do 7 months’ worth of schedules in 3 hours. I just love it.”
Kathy Comer,Activities Secretary,
Lakeville High School, Lakeville, MN

“I just wanted to let you know that all the HARD WORK that you and your staff does is so appreciated. I can tell that you do it for the love of it, not always the money, and in society today you just don't find many people that work out of passion. Thanks again for all of your hard work, dedication and patience. You are greatly appreciated.”
Andrea Gauthier,Facilities Coordinator,
Glencoe-Silver Lake School District, Glencoe, MN

"I really appreciate the fact that rSchoolToday continually implements reports and changes to help us be more efficient! You save me so much time each and every day! Thank you so much!!"
Sarah McCarney,AD Secretary
Redwood Valley School District, Redwood Falls, MN

“I have found the rSchoolToday website to be a wonderful tool for our district! I find the ability for persons with varying levels of computer proficiency to be comfortable quickly to be one of the most exciting aspects of this product.”
Francie Biesanz,
District Webmaster,
Winona Area Public Schools, Winona, MN

“The rSchoolToday product is wonderful! We use the calendar feature for posting our entire academic and athletic schedule. I have been extremely pleased with the product, documentation, training, and technical assistance provided by rSchoolToday.”
Judy Armold,Media Specialist and Web Master
Fridley High School, Fridley, MN

“The Activity Scheduler is a tremendous product. I personally use it every day to help me plan my schedule and I have heard from parents, students, coaches, and administrators that it is valuable for them.”
Steve Hill,Principal,
Jefferson High School, Bloomington,MN

"Thanks to rSchoolToday, the job of 'web master' has gone from one of typing and linking to that of design and training. rSchoolToday contains many more complex features than we could have ever created on our own. The template-driven interface makes this product the ideal tool for our school. Since we began using rSchoolToday early on, you have stood by it, and us!"
Mark Duffy, Teacher and Webmaster,
Totino Grace High School, Fridley, MN

“You all just don't stop with all of the great new features do you? Keep up the good work!”
Kris Anderson, Activities Secretary,
Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN

“rSchoolToday is making my job more pleasurable & exciting. I love how it all is coming together. Thanks so much for adding fees into the game contracts. You are awesome!”
Lori Schulte, Activities Secretary,
Albert Lea School District, Albert Lea, MN

"Calallen ISD has used rSchoolToday as our web service provider for three years and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of service and easy-to-use interface. This has allowed me to use non-technical people to keep our website up to date. Tech support has been great, and the rSchoolToday people have helped us design our site to help make it relevant to our community.”
William Ball,Technology Coordinator,
Calallen ISD, Corpus Christi, TX

“We are loving our website and its ease of use. rSchoolToday's flexibility is meeting our needs. You have a great product!!”
Sandy Richert, Instructional Services Director,
School District of Holmen, Holmen, WI

“It’s fun to get a teacher rolling on their web page with only about an hour investment in training time. I am very pleased with our choice to go to rSchoolToday. Your support team is great. I usually sent them at least 5 quick questions a week.”
Margaret Hinke,Technology Integration Specialist,
ISD 197, West. St. Paul, MN

“rSchoolToday allows us to do the one thing that keeps most schools from having a dynamic website: broad-base publishing. With rSchoolToday, we now have over 70 teachers, 40 parents and even a few students who publish directly to our website. This keeps our website current and vital for our community.”
Sue Kasdorf, Teacher/Web Administrator
Eagan High School, Eagan, MN

“I've heard a lot of compliments about your training session - it went well. Just a note to let you know that a couple of the secretaries and I have been in contact with tech support and they have been wonderful. Timely responses, good advice, and always positive and personable.”
Larry Fell,Southeast Conference Commissioner
Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha, WI

“You folks are doing a marvellous job with rSchoolToday. Keep up the good work!”
Dan Hislop,English Teacher,
Sibley-East High School, Arlington, MN

“rSchoolToday is so much easier and faster to use than past online programs we had. Now, 1/3 of our registrations are people registering online by themselves!! Great to have Community Ed and Athletics talking on the same page! For a small office with few staff the Class Registration and Facilities programs are huge time savers. It’s very nice to be able to email our instructors class lists ahead of time. rSchoolToday being online came in very handy when our district was snowed in as I could access all the information I needed from home.”
Joan Audette,Community Ed. Secretary
North Branch Public Schools, North Branch, MN

"rSchoolToday was a positive choice for our district. I recommend it because of its easy of use, quality of support, and enormous value that it offers to an educational setting. rSchoolToday is a great partner; they know what works and what doesn't in the K-12 educational setting. They have continually improved upon and added new features to the software."
Connie Erickson,CNE Director of Information Technology,
ISD #191, Burnsville, MN

"We are now using rSchoolToday to deliver online courses for some of our AP classes. I set up a separate site in rSchoolToday for each of the 12 weeks of the class, copy and paste my course content in, and just toggle the week's materials on and off as needed. This feature is a godsend!!"
Sue Kasdorf,Teacher/Web Administrator,
Eagan High School, Eagan, MN

"We have used rSchoolToday for the last three and a half years. After some initial training, most of the faculty and staff felt very comfortable with creating web pages. Our alumnae and parents are delighted to see highlights & information on the web usually the same day they occur!"
Ruth Skinner,Technology Coordinator,Immaculate Heart of Mary High School, Chicago, IL


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