Moving Data To and From rSchoolToday 
The rSchoolToday API is a robust middleware software program designed to take daa to or from any rSchoolToday program and move it in or out of any other software program or database that can accept it.  Contact us to discuss your needs at:
Custom Programming
The rSchoolToday programming team has extensive experience in creating custom Web-based software to meet any need. We will work with your staff to document your needs, and transition those into effective software processes. Leveraging our extensive product and code library, rSchoolToday can usually create your custom software for a lot less than other companies. 

rSchoolToday can also customize any of its existing programs to adapt to specific needs that are outside of the specification of our current software products. 

It is quite common for rSchoolToday to award schools and districts grant money to help offset the costs of custom programming. Contact us to discuss the specifics.  


rSchoolToday can migrate your existing content over to your new rSchoolToday program so you don’t have to. 

Our QuickStart™ program will let you "hit the ground running" as our staff moves your site content into place before your first training session for your new rSchoolToday program.  The price is determined by the amount of content you want to move.   We can make your transition smooth and easy.

Unlimited Customer Support
rSchoolToday offers complete customer service from initial planning through training and day-to-day operations on all rSchoolToday programs. 

Our 45 person Support team is filled with fun-loving, caring people who enjoy the positive difference rSchoolToday products are making in our customer's lives.  They will make sure you have the answers you need and are utilizing our programs to achieve the best time and cost savings. 

rSchoolToday offers unlimited phone, email, chat, and Web conference support for rSchoolToday products from 7am-11pm CST on all school and business days. This allows you and your staff to stay productive and learn new tips and best practices! 



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