rSchoolToday League or Conference Web Site
rSchoolToday provides simple-to-use League Web Site Portals that put your Conference or League on top.  They are template-based sites that allow leagues to completely create and maintain a very professional-looking, database-driven Web site with no technical skills involved!
Save several times the cost of rSchoolToday each year in reduced paper, printing, postage, & fax costs by sharing needed information with your public online.

Features include:
  • No limit to the # of pages
  • Mac, Windows, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Awards
  • Stats 
  • News & Announcements 
  • Add documents
  • Policy Library - searchable 
  • Photo Gallery
  • Discussion Forums (bulletin boards) 
  • Online nomination forms
  • E-Surveys – Tabulate and view results instantly 
  • RSS capabilities 
  • Spell-Checking 
  • Google Site Search 
  • FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) 
  • Simple Editing or Advanced Editing tools 
  • Email Groups – batch email any groups you set up 
  • Password-protect any pages and assign who can view the pages 
  • Role-based Security for assigning viewing and editing permissions

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